Social Media

» March 12, 2019

More and more it seems the old truisms of social media were in reality nothing more than our imagination. Social media is just a fraction of the size we thought it was, […]

» March 10, 2019

With the election bells ringing, India’s law-makers have increased scrutiny on social media platforms. On Wednesday, March 6, a parliamentary panel asked Facebook, along with WhatsApp and Instagram, to “do […]

» March 9, 2019

Politicians across parties, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Congress president Rahul Gandhi, have begun strengthening their presence on social mediaplatforms, sprucing up their profiles and increasing their interactions ahead of the general elections. Since […]

» February 24, 2019

The internet is not just the home of trends and gossip; people rely on it for information of all sorts. As marketers, we’re tasked with the responsibility of creating relatable, […]

» February 11, 2019

It is clear that countries are choosing to pass carefully-worded laws to deal with encryption. It is against this background that India’s move must be seen. By Kamlesh Bajaj India […]

» February 6, 2019

NEW DELHI:  The parliamentary panel on information technology has summoned Twitter officials over the issue of safeguarding citizens’ rights on social media platforms, its head Anurag Thakur said on Tuesday. […]

» February 5, 2019

Bengaluru: The demand for social mediamanagers has shot up considerably over the last few years as professionals with two-five years of experience are commanding salaries of upto Rs 30 lakh annually. […]

» February 4, 2019

If social media was a person, you’d probably avoid them. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are loaded with pictures of people going to exotic places, looking like they are about to […]

» January 25, 2019

Social media and the web at large are becoming ever more visual worlds. Rather than share the world around us through words, we allow others to see it through our […]

» January 23, 2019

Researchers could accurately predict a person’s profile just based on eight of that person’s contacts on a social network. James Martin / CNET You don’t have to post anything for […]

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