It’s Almost Impossible to Escape Google’s Tracking, New Study Shows

It's Almost Impossible to Escape Google's Tracking, New Study ShowsGoogle’s sweeping capability to collect data makes it nearly impossible to escape the tech giant in the course of normal online activity, according to a new study published Tuesday.

The 55-page study, led by Vanderbilt University computer science professor Douglas Schmidt, said that an idle smartphone running Google’s Android operating system with its Chrome browser open sends data communications to Google’s servers as often as 14 times an hour. And while not using Google’s devices or services limits data collection, the dominance of Google’s advertising network makes it highly difficult to prevent Google from collecting some data, the study also highlights.

The study provides a broad look at the multiple aspects of Google’s techniques for collecting data, both through its services such as Maps, Hangouts chat and YouTube as well as through its DoubleClick Ad Network. It was paid for by Digital Content Next, a lobbying group that represents the digital publishing industry – The Washington Post is a member – and a frequent critic of Google. The group has previously criticised Google for its lack of moderation on YouTube as well as the company’s dominance, with Facebook, of the online advertising industry.

“These products are able to collect user data through a variety of techniques that may not be easily graspable by a general user,” Schmidt wrote in the paper’s conclusion. “A major part of Google’s data collection occurs while a user is not directly engaged with any of its products.”

Google in a statement questioned the study’s credibility.

“This report is commissioned by a professional DC lobbyist group, and written by a witness for Oracle in their ongoing copyright litigation with Google. So, it’s no surprise that it contains wildly misleading information,” the company said.

The report comes as Google faces increased scrutiny over how it collects location information, following an Associated Press investigation that revealed turning off the “location history” setting did not stop all location data collection. Two men in California filed lawsuits after the report, Ars Technica reported, alleging that Google had misled them about the extent of its tracking.

Schmidt found that two-thirds of the data Google collected from a smartphone during a 24-hour mock “day in the life” period was through passive means, meaning it was not volunteered by a person. He also said he found evidence that Google has the capability to link anonymised data with information from people’s Google accounts while they are signed out from their Google accounts or using a private browsing mode – called “incognito mode” – on Google’s Chrome browser. The study also claims Google can link anonymised data collected by advertising cookies to people’s Google accounts. Google makes the bulk of its money from advertising, which accounted for 86 percent of its revenue in its second-quarter earnings report.

When asked for specific points that are misleading, Google directed The Washington Post to its descriptions of how incognito mode and the Chrome browser record and track information, saying it does not link anonymous activity with people’s Google accounts once they sign in. In the case of private browsing, information is deleted when someone turns the mode off.

Google also said that it does not link anonymised data collected from advertising cookies with users’ accounts.


Sony Master Series A9F Bravia OLED TVs Launched in India

Sony Master Series A9F Bravia OLED TVs Launched in India

Taking its popular Bravia OLED TV lineup to a new level, Sony India on Monday launched the Master Series A9F Bravia OLED TV range of televisions in India, with features like Netflix calibrated mode, hands-free voice search, and TV centre speaker mode to work with home theatre systems.

Running Android TV 8.0 Oreo operating system, the new Sony OLED TV models start from Rs. 3,99,000 for the Bravia KD-55A9F, a 55-inch offering. The Bravia KD-65A9F on the other hand, goes up to Rs. 5,59,990, and features a 65-inch display. Both televisions will go on sale in India from September 20.

Sony says its Master Series A9F Bravia OLED TV lineup is equipped with its X1 Ultimate image processor, as well as a ‘pixel contrast booster’ – Sony’s panel controller for OLED TV. The X1 Ultimate is also said to be able to intelligently detect and analyse each object in the picture through Sony’s new object-based super-resolution mechanism for exceptional accuracy and detail. Together, the two will help the new range of TVs deliver 4K HDR picture quality and better contrast.

The Japanese electronics giant has incorporated “single slate design” in its new TV offering with only one stand in the back to hold it up. The Sony Master Series A9F Bravia OLED TVs also feature “Acoustic Surface Audio+” technology to facilitate multi-dimensional sounds.

Additionally, the Sony Master Series A9F Bravia OLED TVs also come with multi-lingual support, accommodating 11 Indian languages and over 14 international dialects.

“The TVs would provide a faster, easier and more intuitive interface for the consumers to use,” the company claimed


Google Partners With Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Renault for Android in Cars

Google Partners With Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Renault for Android in Cars

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi carmaking alliance said on Tuesday it will use Alphabet’s Google Android operating system in future vehicles – handing a victory to the US tech giant which seeks to carve out a bigger share of the infotainment market.

Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi, with combined sales of 10.6 million vehicles last year, said they will “integrate Google applications and services” including Maps and the voice-commanded Google Assistant into their cars.

The move, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, leans more heavily on big tech than many large or luxury rival carmakers have been willing to do, as they want to maintain control of customer relationships, data, and potentially significant future revenue from connected services.

In return, it will bring the full clout of Android’s thousands of applications to the Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi lineups – which include significant sales of affordably priced, no-frills cars in emerging markets.

The news also raises pressure on some automotive tech suppliers such as satellite navigation specialist TomTom. Its shares plunged by nearly a quarter on the news, to EUR 6.33 by 0925 GMT.

The Google partnership promises “rich user experiences that are currently available only outside the vehicle or, to a limited extent, by connecting an Android device to supported vehicles,” said the alliance’s development chief Hadi Zablit.

While many volume carmakers offer infotainment “mirroring” to pair with Apple iPhones or Android smartphones, premium rivals such as BMW and Daimler’s Mercedes are investing heavily in their own operating systems, vocal assistants, and connected services.

Some smaller manufacturers such as Geely-owned Volvo Cars have already decided to run Android Auto in future vehicles.

However, the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi announcement may cause competitors to rethink costly standalone tech strategies, increasing pressure on their suppliers.

The first Android-equipped vehicles will launch in 2021, the alliance said on Tuesday, without disclosing any of the partnership’s financial terms


Google Pixel 3 XL with Android Q pops up on Geekbench

Plenty of manufacturers have already started pushing Android Pie to their devices, with Google, of course, being the first. Android Pie was announced in June, with actual rollout happening in October and all eyes are now set on the Android Q development.

We still don’t know how the OS will be called, but it appears the Mountain View company is already working on the update. A Google Pixel 3 XL smartphone was listed on Geekbench with Android Q for an operating system, suggesting an alpha package is already being tested.

The rest of the listing, revealing Qualcomm chipset and 4 GB RAM is familiar stuff, the scores are normal as well.

Although it is way too early to know anything about Android Q, we know all devices with the OS out of the box will be Treble-compliant. Last week Google confirmed that devices shipped with Android Pie would be on the faster upgrade platform and the AOSP source code is fixed so developers can prepare in advance for any future operating system updates.


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