Google Play Users Choice Awards: PUBG MOBILE, Avengers: Infinity War voted the best of 2018

2018 is almost towards its end, which makes it the perfect time to look back at how the year fared and what went on to make a dent in everyone’s lives. Google Play has itself seen a plethora of content visiting its platform over the year. While some of them managed to create a severe impact on how people used their smartphones, others provided for interesting content to consume over a long period of time. Therefore, like every year, Google has come up with the best of Google Play awards for 2018. And like all the previous years, this year’s list contains a plethora of the most popular apps, games and movies that visited the Play Store.

However, for this year, Google decided to add a new category for awarding those apps and services that deserved a special mention for gathering immense popularity. For this year, there were three subcategories – the most favourite app, game and movie. And guess what? The winners were the ones that didn’t surprise at all. The most popular game for this was unsurprisingly PUBG MOBILE. For the most popular fan favourite movie, it was Avengers: Infinity Wars while YouTube TV bagged the title for the most popular app on Google Play.

Additionally, Google also handpicked some of the best apps, games, movies and services that it deemed should deserve mention.

Best App of 2018:

— Drops: Learn 31 new languages

Best Game of 2018:


Top five movies of 2018:

— Black Panther
— Avengers: Infinity War
— Thor: Ragnarok
— Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
— Deadpool 2

Top five TV shows of 2018:

— The Walking Dead
— Riverdale
— The Big Bang Theory
— The Flash
— PAW Patrol

Top five ebooks of 2018:

— Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff
— The Outsider by Stephen King
— Fear by Bob Woodward
— 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson
— Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

Top five audiobooks of 2018:

— 12 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson
— Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis
— Fear by Bob Woodward
— Becoming by Michelle Obama
— The Outsider by Stephen King

The list contains some of the best apps, games and services that are currently present for all Android users. If you are yet to try out any of these from the list, then go ahead and experience these.


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