JioFiber Gaming console: What is it, what are its specifications and is it India’s Google Stadia?

Jio Set Top Box

At the 42nd Reliance AGM event, Jio was proud to demonstrate the gaming capabilities of its Jio Set Top Box. Gaming is a growing segment in the Indian entertainment sector, especially after the arrival of PUBG on the scene and Reliance, wants to capitalise on that with its Jio Set Top Box console. A universal gaming console could make console gaming more accessible to gamers across the country.

However, Jio kept the key information in dark about this Set Top Box that acts as a gaming controller. There’s no information on the pricing of this console yet and a lot is yet to be known about how this console works and how is it able to play all the latest games that usually require high-end hardware. Therefore, if you are interested in buying the Jio Set Top Box for its gaming capabilities, there are a few things that you should know before you hit the ‘buy’ button.

But before that, let’s see what we know about the console’s gaming credentials so far.

What do we know about Jio Set Top Box gaming console?

–The Jio Set Top Box will be compatible with all popular gaming controllers. Therefore, if you have an Xbox or PS4 controller, they should work fine with the box. Even regular USB controller should work with the box.

–Jio will work with major game development studios to bring games to the Jio Set Top Box console. The list of partner studios includes Microsoft Studios, Tencent, Gameloft, Riot Games and Milestone Games.

–Jio announced that the Set Top Box comes with the latest graphics card to support all the latest gaming titles.

What we don’t know about Jio Set Top Box gaming console?

There are many questions that were left unanswered at the AGM event. The price was the biggest query but apart from that, there are a couple of things that gamers would want to know.

What platform is the console using?

Jio didn’t announce which platform is used to host these games on the Set Top Box console. Is Jio using Microsoft’s Windows platforms to host these games or will it use an Android-based platform? Or is Jio going for a different platform similar Xbox and PS4? Given that Microsoft restricts its games for Windows 10 and Xbox, it seems that it is using the Windows platform to do so.

How will users buy games?

Jio didn’t say whether these games will be available from third-party retailers for the Set Top Box or one will have to stick to its app store. It is also not known whether someone can install games from other platforms and play on the Set Top Box console.

What are the specifications of the Jio Set Top Box console?

At the launch event, Jio said that the console comes with the latest graphics processing capabilities. However, there’s no information given on whether the console has a graphics card installed or whether it streams games from an online server, similar to Google Stadia? Even if it has a graphics card, what kind is Jio using for the console? How much RAM and storage does the console have? Also, will the console be upgradeable after a few years or will customers have to buy a new model?

Will Jio Set Top Box support games like FIFA 2019 and other EA games?

We brought up this to highlight one fact that everyone missed out in the AGM event. For the demonstration, the game that used was FIFA 2019. This game comes from Electronic Arts (EA) and in the list of developers willing to bring games for this console, EA wasn’t mentioned in this list. What does it mean – was the demonstration simply a video from other platforms?

Will the Jio Set Top Box console only support mobile games?

Given the list of developers working on games for the console, it seems that the Jio Set Top Box console will only support mobile games. Most popular mobile games are available as free-to-play titles and they don’t need lofty resources to run. And given that Jio will be aiming to keep the price of the Set Top Box low, chances are that it would give just enough resources to play mobile games.


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